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Sany Boom Pumps Acceptance Exceeding Expectations

Starting February 2020, Putzmeister collaborated with parent company, Sany Group,putzmeister Sany composite to launch a new class-leading offering of concrete pumps supported by Putzmeister available in 38-, 47-, 56- and 66-meter models. This new offering of products is designed around simplicity, cost effectiveness and reliability. Company research shows that this balanced blend of functionality and price will strike a meaningful chord with a large part of the Americas market.

The Putzmeister-crafted Sany boom pump demo program has proven hugely successful, as Sany pumps are now active in major markets throughout North America. With full Putzmeister sales, service, and parts support, Putzmeister offers Sany models in 38-, 47-, 56-, and 66-meters with additional models coming in 2022!

Notable features of the Sany pumps include impressive pumping volumes, high-pressure hopper, and a design built for longevity. The system boasts a heavy-duty structural band around the entire hopper and rear side which resists flexing under high loads and pressures – ideal for high-pressure pumping. The streamlined design with smooth curves and transitions means no sharp creases or abrupt transitions when pumping.

This new offering of products is designed around simplicity, cost effectiveness and reliability. It combines the quality of automotive grade manufacturing with the reliability of Putzmeister’s elite sales, parts, and service support.

“It’s important for the market to understand that the same Putzmeister team that customers have become so comfortable engaging with, is the same team they will interact with regarding the new Sany products,” says Bill Dwyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The initial offering of Sany units supported by Putzmeister rolled out in late 2019. Since the launch, Putzmeister’s staff has assisted numerous customers with the purchase, training, and overall introduction to the new units. The SY 38-, 47-, 56- and 66-meter models are all available for purchase through Putzmeister America. For more information about the Sany units supported by Putzmeister, please contact Putzmeister directly or reach out to your local sales representative.

SY 47 Truck Mounted Boom PumpSANY

The Sany SY 47 will be on display at World of Concrete 2021. 

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SY 66 Truck-Mounted Concrete PumpSANY

The SANY SY66 is the third model to be launched through Putzmeister America.

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SY 56 Truck-Mounted Concrete PumpSANY

The SANY SY 56 is the second model to be launched through Putzmeister America, and was on display at ConExpo 2020 in the bronze lot booth B7021.

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SY38 Sany

Other SANY Models AvailableSANY

The new offering of SANY concrete boom pumps supported by Putzmeister is available in 38m, 47m, 56m, and 66m.

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SY 38 Truck-Mounted Concrete PumpSANY

The SY 38 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump is the first model of the Sany line supported by Putzmeister America to be sold. This unit was on display at the World of Concrete show in Putzmeister's Booth C5726.

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