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Strong machines yet lightweight and easy to control and navigate with a long reach


Putzmeister Telebelts

TelebeltsThe proud `Made in America’ tag for Putzmeister's telescopic belt conveyors ensure that these machines take versatility and convenience to new lengths. Our elaborate, multi-dimensional mounting options range from truck and semi-trailer, to tower. Perfect for a variety of applications - from dams, caissons, wind turbine foundations, bridge decks, backfilling, mat pours, environmental, warehouse slabs, foundations, footings, tilt-up to outdoor slabs - we are up for every job. Our fast and efficient output will get your jobs done quicker, better and at a lower overall cost.


Benefits at a glance

  • Fast and efficient/output up to 5 cubic yards per minute
  • Places high volumes with ease
  • Can take on any job in different conditions
  • Saves you time and labor
The Telebelt® TB 130

The Telebelt® TB ClassTelebelts

Strong, yet lightweight and easy to control. Handles a wide variety of materials.

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The Telebelt® MXTB 600

The Telebelt® MXTB ClassTelebelts

Designed for large, civil projects and those projects that require the use of large aggregate concrete.

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The Telebelt® TBS ClassTelebelts

Versatile conveyor with 5th wheel configuration.

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