Thom-Katt Trailer Pumps


The Thom-Katt trailer pumps are the finest examples of the Putzmeister expertise in boom pumps. Most ideal for wet process shotcrete across a wide range of applications including refractory, underground and civil projects. The trailer pumps display optimum efficiency coupled with a powerful performance. The Thom-Katt trailer pumps easily handle the harshest mixes. Moreover, the Thom-Katt-S-Valves permit reversal of the strokes to relieve pressure when pumping difficult low slump or fiber mixes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Pumps a variety of materials and easily handles even the harshest of mixes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Uncomplicated operations
  • Easy to clean
  • Handles several difficult operations
  • Allows to maintain much of the output pressures when reducing to smaller diameter conveying lines

TK 20

A rugged, high-pressure pumping system, the TK 20 is Putzmeister’s answer for midrange pumping requirements. With an output of up to 17 yd³/hr (13m³/hr), it has superb control for the most critical geotechnical and compaction grouting applications. It can be fed by ready-mix truck, refractory mixer or its optional detachable mixer. The Thom-Katt TK 20 Trailer-Mounted Concrete/Shotcrete Pump is ideal for wet-process refractory, underground and civil work.

  • TK 20 Tier 4I

TK 40

The TK 40 Trailer-Mounted Concrete/Shotcrete Pump is a rugged workhorse that can handle aggregate up to 1-1/2 inch minus at up to 40 yd³/hr. Ideal for shotcrete work, this pump also works well in a wide variety of concrete placing jobs and for pumping structural concrete.

  • TK 40 Tier 4I
  • TK 40 Tier 4F

TK 50

The Putzmeister Thom-Katt TK 50 Trailer-Mounted Concrete/Shotcrete Pump gives more horse power for shotcrete work, and is ideal for a wide variety of concrete placing jobs and for pumping structural concrete. It features an angled hopper that’s easier to fill and clean. The TK 50 can pump a variety of materials at up to 54 yd³/hr (41m³/hr), handle the harshest mixes, and tackle a variety of civil applications.

  • TK 50 Tier 3
  • TK 50 Tier 4F

TK 60

Designed specifically for the shotcrete contractor, the Putzmeister TK 60 HP has plenty of power with a 131 hp engine and a maximum output of 60 yd³/hr. With this, you can push low slump shotcrete mixes long distances with little loss of volume.

  • TK 60 HP Tier 3
  • TK 60 HP Tier 4F

TK 70

Ideal for structural concrete jobs, the Putzmeister Thom-Katt TK 70 trailer-mounted pump can handle a variety of materials, including the harshest mixes. With a maximum volume output of up to 74 yd³/hr (57m³/hr), the TK 70 can tackle a variety of civil applications.

  • TK 70 Tier 3
  • TK 70 Tier 4F

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