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The Putzmeister BSA Trailer Pumps are powerful, reliable, durable and flexible. They provide exceptional convenience to meet the requirements of the most demanding of jobs. Putzmeister’s unique technology combines high output and high pressure with the same setup. The BSA Trailer Pumps make quick work of tough mixes for a variety of applications, including high rise buildings, long distance concrete pumping, tunnel construction, sludge pumping and other specialty jobs. Outstanding features of the pumps include heavy duty tandem axles, high pressure S- Valve and rugged delivery cylinders. They are just what you need to deliver high performance and high pressure.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ideal for pumping long distances and high altitudes, tunnels, mines, and other civil constructions.
  • Convenient controls for smooth operations
  • Equipped with free flow hydraulics for powerful performance across multiple applications
  • Powerful performance over a long life span
  • Reinforced frames and hoppers to withstand pressures of challenging sites

BSA 100 Series

This trailer pump is ideal for long distance pumping in high rises, tunnels, mines and other civil constructions.

  • BSA 120 D

BSA 14000 Series

High pressure and output provide the muscle behind the machines. Ideal for high rise and long distance concrete pumping and tunnel construction.

  • BSA 14000 HP D4 7"
  • BSA 14000 HP D4 8"
  • BSA 14000 HP E
  • BSA 14000 SHP D4

BSA 2100 Series

Specially designed for extra power. Built with more muscle to handle even greater pressures.

  • BSA 2109 H D4
  • BSA 2110 HP D4

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