The Telebelt® TB Class


With its low unfolding height, the TB 110 is designed for easy setup and operation in congested areas that don’t allow access for large machinery or have height restrictions. The four-section telescopic conveyor provides 106' 1" (32.34m) of horizontal reach in heights as low as 15' 9" (4.80m), with the usual Putzmeister smooth, surge-free conveying. With six hopper options, it can efficiently remove large volumes and handle a wide variety of materials such as dirt, sand, stone, and gravel. The Telebelt® TB 110 is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, and bridge decks.


Strong, yet lightweight and easy to control, the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 conveyer has a 126' 6" (38.55m) horizontal reach to save you time and labor. The five-section telescoping boom and fully hydraulic conveyor handle concrete slumps from 0 to 12 inches (0 to 305mm) and materials ranging from sand to 4-inch (101.6mm) rock. With an outrigger design for quick setup in congested areas and rough terrain, the TB 130 is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, bridge decks, and landscaping.


  • Six hopper options to fit different job needs
  • Low unfolding height
  • Handles high volumes, wide variety of materials
  • Reversing conveyor feature to switch direction of material flow
  • Performs multiple tasks from one location


With 200 feet (61 meters) of horizontal reach, the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 200 is ideal for large aggregate and mass concrete placement. The main and feed conveyors have infinitely variable speed with 360-degree rotation. With six steering modes, it is easily maneuverable on the job site, and is ideal for work on hydroelectric dams, power plants, breakwater structures and high speed rail construction.


  • Four-section high strength yet lightweight boom
  • Steel counterweight to offset the load of the boom
  • Eight wheel drive and self-leveling chassis for steering versatility, with tight turning radius for maneuverability
  • Six steering modes


Designed with civil contractors in mind, the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 600 features a high capacity 24-inch-wide main conveyor and feeder belt. With 102 feet of horizontal reach and 360-degree continuous rotation, it provides increased production. An output of up to 6 cubic yards per minute ensures reduction in placement time. It can handle a wide variety and high volumes of flow-able material, including pervious concrete, roller-compacted concrete, soil, cement, flow-able fill, and large aggregates up to 6 inches. The TB 600 is ideal for projects such as landfill lining, power plants, hydroelectric projects, dams, and wind farms.


  • Six hopper options for different job needs
  • Low unfolding height
  • Reversing conveyor feature
  • Smooth “surge-free” flow

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