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Putzmeister Pipe Technology® delivers more value at every turn. Offering a wide variety of pipe quality, sizes, and ends, Putzmeister's new industrial pipe product range allows users to customize their own unique system to meet almost any job site demand.


The impact elbow is exposed to high velocity and turbulence, so you need one that is as durable as your pipe. Putzmeister Pipe Technology® delivers with elbows that have the same twin layers as our long-lasting pipes.


A concrete reducer creates higher flow velocity towards the outlet and causes increased pressure in the flow direction. Esser reducers are engineered to be highly resistant to wear in the outlet direction. They are available in all common lengths for truck-mounted concrete boom pumps and with flange sizes and designs to meet the specifications of all concrete pump manufacturers.

Back-End Kits

Back-end Kits give you the best pipe material available in the market today for one of the most critical areas of the pipeline – the transition pipe. It increases the life of your entire pipeline, from the hopper to the tip of the boom, to help you reduce operating costs.

Deck Placers

Putzmeister deck placers save time and money on the job site by minimizing the labor and delivery line that is typically needed to reach tough-to-access areas on a deck slab. They are ideal for situations when truck-mounted boom pumps and tower-mounted placing booms are impractical or have access restrictions.

Diversion Valves

Gate valves and hydraulic diversion valves from Putzmeister are completely leak-proof to meet even the most critical job site requirements. From one port to multiple ports, selective charging of two delivery lines, to vertical or horizontal mounting possibilities, and more, our diversion valves offer maximum flexibility.

Concrete Delivery Hoses

The strength and durability of Putzmeister pipeline systems start at the back-end kit and extend through the delivery hose. Resistant to weather and abrasive material, they are made of a compound base on natural rubber with a temperature tolerance from -40 º to 176 º F. The nozzle has a flush interior connection to reduce the potential for blockage and increase the life. The braided network of steel wires inside assures stability and pressure resistance.

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